Shoaib Valai

Shoaib is an Internet Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Trainer, he has trained over 3000+ students in past 5 yrs.His specialization includes, SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing Strategies & he has executed 100+ Digital Campaigns for Corporates & SMEs.


Sharan Kulkarni

Sharan is founder of Digitechniks and a Lead Google Adwords & Social Media Trainers, he has trained over 1500 participants including Businessmen, Professionals & students.He has spent over 10 millions in Google Adwords for various Indian & International brands in their campaigns.


Bharathidasan Moorthi

Bharathi is an Ecommerce Specialist working with an International Mobile Brand, he specializes in Ecommerce PPC Management, Google Shopping Ads, Amazon marketing Activities, Search Engine Optimization,  Content Marketing, Website Tag Management & Analytics.He teaches students on Ecommerce, Analytics & Google Ads.


Sri Ganesh Ram

Ganesh is a Digital Marketing Professional with more than 2 years of Experience in improving website traffic, Lead Generation and Conversions for multi-diverse businesses.He teaches students on Google Adwords & Analytics in Forture Academy.                                               

Srikanth N

Srikanth is a seasoned digital marketer and heads a digital marketing team in an education startup, he specializes in SEO & Content Strategies.He teaches students on SEO, SEM & Email Marketing.




Shraddha Umrao

Shraddha is a web and data analytics professional working as a analyst in an MNC, She is an Amazon Certified Ecommerce Specialist and Certified Affiliate Marketer.She teaches students on Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Ecommerce & Social Media.

Viswa Teja

Teja is a Digital Marketing Professional and SEO Specialist.He is Heading Forture Academy & its operation from its inception.He is the go to person for any communication and queries on our academy and its practices.